World Study Promotion Japan (WOSPRO JAPAN) proposes
to prepare your stay in Japan and will accompany you in achieving your
goals. Here are some services we offer to our candidates

Provide information on admission requirements and study opportunities.
• Provide with a list of the admitted students
• Private 200 hours japanese language requirement via e-learning program.
• Coordination, arrangements, orientations, Carry out activities related to recruitment process to prospective students
• Services, preparation for applications - Translation of documents-Collaborate during the process of recruitment
• Orientation -Guidance of students -search and disseminate updated and relevant information related to this program to students.
• Invoices of tuitions, Welcoming at the airport
• Help with required formalities in Japan- Health insurance and others.
• Follow-up services
• Help with universities enrolment or engineering training school
• Provide students accommodation (campus or private housing)
• Wospro Japan will offer full services from the procedure at the beginning (recruitment step) to the student assistance during their stay in Japan.