Etudier au Japon
 Documents to be provided by the applicant
[*]   Application form
[*] Personal records
[*] Diploma or certificate of graduation from the last school attended
[*] School records from the last school attended
[*]   Certificate of enrolment or employment at the moment of application
[*] 10 Photos (3 x 4 cm)
[*] Birth Certificate
[*] Copy of the passport
[*] Document justifying the relation with the guarantor
[*]   Signature of the Wospro Japan contract 
C-Documents to be provided by the guarantor residing outside Japan

[*]  Financial commitment statement
[*]   Bank account balance (more than 30,000 USD)
[*]  Certificate of employment
[*]  Certificate specifying the annual income
[*]  Signature of the Wospro Japan contract 

To be able to benefit from the services of WOSPRO Japan, in a general manner one should:   
1)     Be aged between 18ans and 22ans for the high school graduates and 23 to 28 years for the bachelor holders.  
2)     -Provide the justifying documents that the candidate has taken language courses in their country of origin for those who wish to perfect their Japanese .
-Have certificates and grades from the Japanese school they have once attended for those who wish to come to Japan to perfect their Japanese language.
3)  Be able to give a good reason of application.
It is one of the essential parts of your demand of admission in general. You must
very clearly specify the reasons you wish to pursue studies in Japan in the field you
choose you’re your future projects as well.   
4) Have 12 years of school records.
    The minimum number of years that one has studied in his country to be able to enter a university or Japanese formation school is of at least 12 years for those who have system of 12 years of study in their countries.   
5) Have an empty police record   
Note that if you have once had some problems with justice for a reason or another, we are scared that you will not be able to benefit from the help of WOSPRO Japan.   
6) Provide all possible documents justifying your financial conditions (bank’s statements of account of the candidate, letter of hold in loads of parents or other financial guarantor)
*Note that although students have the right to work a part time job (not more than 4hours a day) these types of job can’t cover all your school, accommodation and living expenses.
7) Be in good health.
8) Sign Contract with WOSPRO JAPAN (by the financial guarantor and the   



Procedures after admission
A.     After publication of the results by the service of immigration of Japan, a detailed invoice will be delivered to the accepted candidates by mail. Then they proceed with the bank transfer of their school and accommodation fees at the schools account.
B.     Once the student accepted by one of our schools, a certificate of the eligibility and a letter of admission will be sent to our representative only after the confirmation of the transfer by our bank
C. In order to receive the visa, the candidate should apply for his visa alone at the embassy or other diplomatic representatives of Japan in his country.

D. The candidate should take with him the certificate of the eligibility and the letter of admission and a copy of these documents as well. The certificate of eligibility will be kept by the immigration services while the letter of admission will be given back to him.

E. Once the candidate accepted, he or the representative of Wospro Japan in his country should send to the Wospro Japan offices all the details concerning his flight by email or fax so that we can arrange his welcoming in Japan.